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Quality marketplace

No more inaccurate, outdated, or bait-and-switch listings.

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Find your next home without sweating the high costs.


Protecting your information from anything risky, always.

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Find What You Want, or Better, Always.
No More Phone Calls or Endless Emails.
Know Exactly Who You’re Sending Your Credentials to and Send Them Securely.
Your Finger is Now Mightier Than The Pen.
Split Your Rent, Build Credit, Earn Rewards, and Never Worry About Late Fees Again.


No more phone tag or back and forth emails. Coordinate everything in one place with your roommates and landlord.

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No more paperwork and no more emailing or faxing sensitive information back and forth.

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Your work schedule locked up for the next 3 days? Can't make it to a meeting to sign your lease? We've been there. Now, you can securely eSign your lease from anywhere, on any device.

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Pay your security deposit and monthly rent using a Credit Card or by linking your bank account. Never worry about late fees again. Build your credit and earn rewards instead of mailing a paper check each month.

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