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we eliminate inefficiencies by automating the entire rental process.

  • Secure

    Trust is the foundation of our business. Security and Privacy are at the core of our venture. We use the highest security standards to protect our own information.

  • No Broker fees

    Our platform connects you, the renter, directly with property owners and managers directly. That means there are no brokers, broker fees, or commissions involved when working with us.

  • quality marketplace

    No more inaccurate, outdated, or bait-and-switch listings. You want to view an apartment that exists and is available. We hold our real-time marketplace to the highest standards.

say hello to the future of renting



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Find what you want, or better, always. We only show real, vacant apartments to prevent wasting your time and stressing you out. If an apartment comes off the market, don't worry, we'll update you automatically.



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Instantly schedule apartment viewings or time to pick up your new keys right from your smartphone, on your time. No more phone tag or back and forth emails. Landlords set their availability and you select from the available options.



No more paperwork, no more emailing back and forth.



Your work schedule locked up for the next 3 days? Can't make it to a meeting to sign your lease? We've been there. Now, you can securely eSign your lease from anywhere, on any device.



Pay your security deposit and monthly rent using a Credit Card or by linking your bank account. Set recurring payments and never worry about late fees again. Build your credit and earn rewards instead of mailing a paper check.


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